I saw a wolf. I knew it was you.


I saw a wolf. 

I knew it was you.

Grey as a ghost in the night. 


No, not me.

I am not the villain.


Yes, it was you my friend.

Like a mist rolling from the earth at dawn. I saw you. 

Eyes as fierce as fire.


She fell silent and I felt her wonder.

I fell silent too.


Goodbye friend.



The sun sets too slowly.

My thoughts rise too quickly.

Night’s raven wings give me welcome refuge.

 My eyes turn upward.

Am I safe Mother?

Am I safe?


You are safe for some. 


Not for others?!

I do not want to be the villain.


Villan? Who said you are villain?


They will hunt me.

I will be the villain.


I’ve made a place for you in my house even so. 

What I have created is good. 

Be the wolf for me my love. 


I will be hated.


They will see you dine at my table and confess you are good.

Who can say to me “what have you done?”

Be the wolf for me my love.


I will be the wolf.

I am the wolf.


You are home then. 

When you are hated the moon, like a mirror will remind you who birthed you and your heart will live. 


I will be alone.


All the wolves think that dear.






2 thoughts on “I saw a wolf. I knew it was you.

  1. Thank you! Finally, someone who gets this! I met you at the conference in Lewisville, TX. Love your writing style and candid approach. Bless you.


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