Love Letter to the Flickering Light


I am a ghost, dancing with the waning mist. You may steal a glimpse of me, just there, in the space between. I’m a whisper on the wind desiring my wishes for you, my thoughts and words would permeate this veil between us and connect with your weary mind to bring some comfort, some courage, a measure of peace as you walk this uncertain path. If only I could gain the weight and substance to manifest as the warrior I am. I would go ahead of you and crush every monster you may come upon with my unyielding fury. But no, this pleasure is not allowed me. For you must learn to wield your own weapons, face your own demons, grow your own teeth, talons and horns. But I am here still. I am the wind, whispering. You will go forward. And, in going forward you will fight and no matter the outcome you will rise up like a phoenix from glory to fiery glory. My will for you is to be perfected in love for perfect love renders fear undone. Now pick up your head and go meet your monsters. You will live my friend, now and forever.

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