You could hurt me


Don’t hurt me.

You could you know.

Holding my heart in your hands like you do.

It was impossible not to give it to you to hold I confess.

Diving into the depths like you did to find me.

Like building a sandcastle and hoping my investment isn’t lost to the rising tide.

To some cruel wave indifferent to my efforts.

I tell myself “It is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all” and build my castle.

Who wrote that nonsense?

Whomever it was has never been confronted with the prospect of losing you.

To some stray wave.

To the whim of the moon pulling mercilessly on the sea.

I think she is jealous the moon.

Or perhaps in love, she reaches for the sea.

And the sea, bound by the shore can only reach back so far.

Blind by love they destroy the little castles.

You could hurt me you know.

Don’t hurt me.

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